Teaching Story

FOOD FOR THOUGHT By VIKRAM KARVE    A renowned Trainer entered a hall to deliver a lecture on Motivation to the employees of a large industrial organization.  To his horror he found that the hall was empty except for a young man seated in the front row.   The Trainer asked him who he was.  “I am a Cook in the Industrial Canteen,” said the young man. The Trainer, pondering whether to speak or not, asked the Cook, “You are the only one here. Do you think I should speak or not?” The Cook said to Trainer: “I am a simple man and do not understand these things.  But, if I came into the Dining Hall and saw only one man sitting there, I would certainly give him food.”  The Trainer took this to heart and, with full gusto, began to deliver his lecture.  He spoke passionately for over two hours.   Immensely proud after his virtuoso performance, he felt highly elated and wanted his audience to confirm how great his lecture had been.  He asked the Cook, “How did you like my lecture?”   The simpleton Cook answered, “I told you already that I am a simple man and do not understand these things very well.  However, if I came into the dining hall and found only one man sitting there, I will certainly feed him, but I will not force him to eat the enormous amount of food I have prepared in the kitchen.”    











  1. 1
    nitinrohidas Says:

    very confusing!!!
    First the cook says he is a simple man..and will server even if a single person is hungry….Bcos of such comment the lecturer thinks..ok lets feed him my thinking…

    But the story ends ..that the cooked didnt like the lecturer feeding him his thinking….wasn’t the coook wrong or the story has any moral?

  2. 2
    Praveen Says:

    Good one. Am surprised Nitin did not get the moral of the story. 😦

  3. 3
    nitinrohidas Says:

    Don’t get surprised…kindly explain!!!

  4. 4

    Reflect. Think about it. If you don’t get the meaning just have a laugh!

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