Super Mom



Short Short Fiction 


Vikram Karve 




Superwoman, everyone said.Super Competent, her appreciative employers said.Super Reliable, her impressed clients said.Super Talented, her professional peers said.Super Boss, her devoted subordinates said.Super Bitch, her jealous frustrated passed over colleagues said.Super Shrewd, her business rivals said.Super Fit, her fitness freak buddies at her gym said.Super Sexy, her admirers said.Super Lover, her lovers said.Super Achiever, her teachers and professors said.Super Parent, her children’s teachers said.Super Friend, all her acquaintances said.Super Daughter, her parents and in-laws said.Super Wife, her husband said.Super Mom, her children said, but secretly they wished she stayed home like their granny who was always there to so lovingly nurture them.  



Copyright 2007 Vikram Karve 



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